In the workshop you could come for

- Repairs and adjustments to your instrument

- All kind of parts for your instrument (old and new)

- Maintenance and new strings 

- Restoration / damage repair

- Appraisals (oral / written)

           Oral valuation: minimum price € 25.00 excluding VAT

           In writing. valuation: 2.5% estimated value. Excl. VAT

- Bow rehair and repair such as replacement of leather, silver winding,

  face plates, slides and under-slides, pearl parts, eyelets and screws.

- Accessories for string instruments


For major repairs and damage recovery we assess the costs upfront and this will consult with the customer or the insurance company before start of the works.

For repairs over € 1,000 will be charged a 50% deposit.


8 nov 2016  >>>>>>

This violin was brought in with the face of the violin as shown

on the left side, the right face of the violin is after being cleaned.



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