What we offer:

- a large choice of study- and master instruments:     

- of various builders;      

- new build and old master instruments;      

- the type of instrument (violin, viola or cello);      

- in various price ranges.

UK and NL-pages:

If you would like to view the individual pages for the instrument sales, you will be directed to the dutch pages in a separate window. The UK site will remain open.


What Violinmakers Maastricht values utmost when purchasing an instrument is a click with the future player and his/her instrument. There is a separate room where you can try out instruments personally and in the time you required. With our personal advice added it should ultimately result in the best choice for the customer.

The beauty of an instrument is what we can show you in the picture. The sound and the feeling an instrument could give is very personal. Describing an instrument is our vision, accompanied by size, colour and condition in which the instrument is. Bows come in many variations, for each instrument type, weight and price. If you are interested in a new bow we recommend that you bring your own instrument to try out one or more bows to reach your choice. If you become interested by the bows showed on the pages please contact us for an appointment or simply comes in our workshop.

see Contact  and Opening hours  and the road to us see Route en Parking.


The instruments shown in the sales pages are only a selection of the available instruments. If you are interested in a displayed instrument it is always the possibility other instruments/bows of the same or other origin, builder, age and/or price to choose the correct instrument. We hope to see you soon.

Vioolbouwers Maastricht  - Hoek Witmakerstraat / Maastrichter Heide straat, Maastricht  -  tel. 043-3219159